Emergency assistance to socially excluded

Our foundation

samusocialMoksva is a Russian Non-profit Organization. It was founded in 2003 by Dr. Xavier Emmanuelli, the President of Samusocial International.

Leonid Roshal, the renowned pediatrician, is President Emeritus. 

Our Foundation is organized with a supervisory Board and a Board of Trustees. Particular care was taken in the choice of members of both Boards. They are made up of Russians and long-term expatriates, who are familiar both with the French approach and the local situation. They also are being experts on issues regarding children, notably in the following sectors: medical, psychological, legal and financial.

General Director - Eva Bertrand

General Coordinator – Maria Sedushkina

Administrative Coordinator - Vera Malusha

Medical Consultant of a Day Care Center - Maxim Novoselov

Psyсhologist of a Day Care Center - Irina Bludova 

Medical Consultant Working on the Street - Boris Voinov